Writing a law reform submissions

The Commission does not allow external access to confidential submissions. Make strong clear statements e. How the ALRC uses, and provides access to, submissions In the interests of informed public debate, the ALRC is committed to transparency in its processes and open access to information.

Writing law reform submissions

What information should you include in your submission? Explain why you will only be submission outlining your concerns. Before publication, we may remove personally identifying information from submissions that discuss specific cases or the personal circumstances and experiences of people other than the author.

In the absence of a clear indication that a submission is intended to be confidential, the ALRC will treat the submission as public. Get involved and write a submission! Submissions can be varied in style but try to write in a Joint submissions between different groups or different concise, clear way.

Alternatively you can write the paper to help submitters focus on the issues. Please let us know your preference when you make your submission. It is not necessary to reiterate what the government has included in its consultation or discussion paper.

You can write to government at any time if you think a law should be changed or improved. It is important that you properly reference all materials that you use to support your argument.

Writing your own submission

Do not delve into information that you do not know about. If you want your submission to remain confidential you must state that in your submission. This information sheet will help you to write your submission.

Read up on any available information about the new or existing government policy.

How to write a law reform submission

There is no set format for submissions, and they need not be formal documents. Careers Making a submission The information on this page is also available in Easy English—an accessible format that uses simple, everyday language and illustrations.

Many of these government policies or proposals directly impact on the lives and welfare of animals in Australia.As submissions provide the evidence base for law reform proposals, it is common for the ALRC to draw upon the contents of submissions and quote from them or refer to them in publications.

Public submissions. Public submissions may. Government agencies often invite submissions from the public to collect views and to gauge community opinion on new or existing government policies or proposals.

Many of these government policies or proposals directly. Law Reform and Social Justice would like to invite students to a workshop on writing law reform submissions. We are delighted that Natasha Molt and Chris Dyer from the Law Council of Australia have agreed to run this workshop. Don’t worry – you don’t have to be a lawyer or have studied law to make a law reform submission.

In fact, some of the most powerful and persuasive submissions come from the experiences and stories of people who themselves are. submission to victoria law reform - Victorian Law Reform Commission warring families are more likely to forgive and forget than if a long, costly and painfully protracted battle ensues).

For low and middle income families regardless. Law students can use their research and writing skills to craft effective submissions that clearly and convincingly get their point across. This workshop will explore how to write effective law reform submissions that make an impact and .

Writing a law reform submissions
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