Womens gryffindor robe

Owl necklaces or earrings would go perfectly with your Hogwarts school uniform costume! This is going to be the neck hole. You can finish this edge using the instructions in the link, or give the final product a more finished look by using bias tape. If you cut your piece along the finished edge of your original sheet, completing your belt will be really easy.

Lay it out flat. Trim the top folded corner a little, as shown. However, based on what we saw in the movies, the hat is required to have but not necessarily to wear.

The skirt seen in the movies is dark grey, so I have chosen styles that match the movie skirts as closely as possible. Go for white, black, or grey. Add cute accessories like earrings and necklaces that go with the theme of Harry Potter.

Tie Start out with a gold tie. Source The official male and female Slytherin costumes. Choose whatever shade that you like the most, or that best matches the skirt you decide to wear. You can go for navy, black, grey, or even khaki, as I did.

If not, see below for a DIY wand-making tutorial! There are a lot of different tights you can choose from in a variety of grey colors.

Scarf Make a Gryffindor scarf, such as the Gryffindor Scarf pattern available in about. Brittany is an American pop culture enthusiast living in Australia. Source This is more of an "authentic" Hogwarts uniform look!

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Peel off any bark and use a piece of sandpaper to smooth down the sides of the stick. See below for a tutorial on making your own "Hogwarts house tie. Pleated skirts look most authentic. Shaving the end of the stick should be done with adult supervision. Skip another inch and repeat this pattern.

Sure, you rarely see the shirts underneath the school robes but they are there, so you will want to include one, especially if you want to be as accurate as possible with your outfit.

Source Official Gryffindor boys uniforms. For a pointed end, use a small knife to whittle the end of the stick. Measure down the fold to your desired robe length. A fabric pen works much easier in this case and most fabric stores have them in many colors.

Use red fabric paint to add the lines on the tie. Glasses Find a pair of glasses at your local thrift store, or make your own with the Print a Pair of Harry Potter Glasses tutorial available in about. Apply a dark or light wood varnish to your smoothed wand. Speaking of owls, if you have any stuffed animals of owls, cats, frogs, or rats, they could be a good "pet" to carry around with you!

This is going to form your sleeves.

Make a Robe at Home from Flannel Sheets

It is for that reason that I am including them. School Uniform Look in your local thrift stores for a white button-down shirt and a black or gray vest to wear over it.

Only have purple graduation robes? Truthfully, though, you can make just about any colour work! Grey School Skirt Return to Quick Navigation Tights Okay, I admit that tights were probably not a requirement for girls at Hogwarts but they look great with the white shirt and grey skirt.

Now, go enjoy your robe! Black is best, but most any colour will do. Source Though the Harry Potter films have ended, the fandom is still going on strong and plenty of people will probably be dressing up as a Hogwarts student for Halloween this year.

Luckily, a Hogwarts student uniform is extremely easy to make and you can pretty much do-it-yourself with clothes you already have in your closet!

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Prestige Gryffindor Harry Potter Robe

Instructions Maroon and Gold are the colors of Gryffindor house, and you'll need to show them off on Harry's tie, scarf and robe.

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Begin your journey to Hogwarts with our selection of Harry Potter costumes. Join any one of the four houses with our Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin themed costumes and accessories, including robes, ties, scarves, and ties.

Themes include Hello Kitty, Betty Boop and Paul Frank’s Julius with fun little details like a Hello Kitty bow on the hood, monkey ears on the Paul Frank robe, and pop pom ties to keep your hood on!

Throw these over pajamas or wear when you are getting ready for a night on the town.

Womens gryffindor robe
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