Women reservation boon or bane

Gandhian non-violence was also a violent instrument of moral force. It became an even more sensitive issue when a student with 90 percent in unable to get in but a student with 45 percent got in. For want of a shed, he has been Women reservation boon or bane tree shades in the Central Block Park for his class of ten to fifteen students.

For others who enjoy the benefits of reservation, it varies. A man of vision deficiency delivers needful assistance. The fact that India has achieved so much in technology, has brilliant scientists, educationists, entrepreneurs and academicians is our advantage.

But where the overall politics is criminalised, women tend to join the men in corruption and crime with ease rather than attempt to establish new norms. It did not bleed enemy. Many people argue that women entering legislature by defeating women serves no purpose; mechanisms must be thought of women entering legislature by defeating men.

But our caring politicians saw a loophole in the clause and kept Women reservation boon or bane it for their own interests. But it also has been misused by them. Women have succeeded in playing a creative role in politics only in those societies where political parties already function more or less according to established norms and traditions, where there is a substantial measure of accountability in public life.

Need of the hour is to identify what Women reservation boon or bane work out best in the present scenario and implement the same immediately. If seats are reserved exclusively for women in every election through territorial constituencies, voters in such reserved constituencies would have no choice but to elect women only, violating the basic principles of democratic representation.

The bill will also make women politicians venerable as the male leader would sabotage them as a revenge of getting pushed out due to the rotation system.

When the first Lok Sabha elections were held inonly 43 women contested and out of these only 14 were elected, which was a miniscule portion of seats. The overall representation of women in legislative bodies worldwide stands at Since most of the women politicians do not have a strong electoral base, this bill will make them more dependent on male bosses of their party to win elections.

But can such intervention create a level playing field for them since the basic needs for the play on new grounds have never been taken care of. There are minimal or no attempt to review why these law failed to accomplish their objective but rather added more problems for women.

At the same time, one has to say that no bill, however carefully thought and delineated, can be perfect. Women legislators, when elected, will not be able to nurse their constituencies on a long-term basis, and thus will be deprived of a strong political base and will forever be regarded as lightweight politicians.

Women Reservation Bill Bane Or Boon?

Today, the scenario is such that a sixty-per center is the boss and ninety-per centers are his employees. This in effect will make their presence in legislatures ornamental, and will not lead to a more effective participation in politics. The bill was reintroduced as the Constitution 84th Amendment Bill,and it suffered the same fate as that of its predecessor.

However, it has ended up crushing the dreams of thousands of others who did well in school examinations but could not get into technical education courses only because the seats reserved for their castes were not accessible.

It is a battle between the normative and the pragmatic. This confidence building exercise would help students to stand on par with others with social, environmental support in abundance.

Email Print The status of women in India is a saga of many great changes over the past few millennia. This will make it difficult for women to build their long-term credibility as effective representatives, since they will not be able to contest twice from the same constituency.

Why are hardworking people sitting at home while people boasting their reserved categories go to the top institutes?? Inevitably, there will be vociferous and justified demands for rotation of seats reserved for scheduled castes, and in some cases scheduled tribes, where their population may not be very large.

The biwi-beti brigade, in fact, acts as a definite block against the emergence of independent-minded women who wish to make a space for themselves on their own strength in the public domain.

Our laws are man-made, our society dominated by men and so most of us take a very lop-sided view of this matter. Secondly, the privilege granted by the means of reservation is difficult to withdraw. The remaining one-third will be left in limbo until the last moment, not knowing if their constituency will form part of the one-third randomly reserved seats.

Whereas in Rajya Sabha, the percentage of women elected is In India, laws created for the protection of the rights of women have only alienated them from active participation in the society.

However, it is unfortunate that women are thought to be bestowed with any divine powers or magic wands whereby their very presence would improve things.Women Reservation Bill Bane Or Boon? 0. Cover Story.

Reservation – A Boon or Bane for the Development of Indian Society

October 4, But still the battle for the reservation of women in the Parliament is a story for the struggle of equal opportunity. The battle between the supporters and detractors of women’s reservation has been an unequal one.

It is a battle between the normative and the pragmatic. Reservation Is Boon or Bane Reservation A Boon or Bane Reservation is the hot topic of the day. There are endless debates going on at various platforms and levels.

Some vehemently oppose it same die hardly support and some stay neutral. It is certainly a boon if the reservation is for the poor ones but a bane if the reservation is for a certain class of the society rather than the needy!

A look at this image above would tell you if its a boon or a bane! Ww2 a Boon Or Bane Was It World War II (WWII or WW2), also known as the Second World War, was a global war that lasted from tothough related conflicts began earlier.

It involved the. The reservation of Women in the legislature is the most debated issue in the present scenario. The bill for the reservation of women had been introduced in the year and till date that bill has not been able to take the form of law.

Feb 12,  · TOPIC: “Technology can be big boon but it can be a great bane too” Technology is developing day to day, every day new inventions or new techniques are invented. Especially in the field of electronics and computer related subject.

Women reservation boon or bane
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