What makes a person great

Let each pay for their deeds, learn their own lessons in life from their mistakes.

It is a quality an individual posses that is perceived to be better than all others who are comparable. Welcome them by being a self appointed ambassador of what you represent. Our world tends to make heroes out of conquerors.

There is something inside of us that longs for greatness. You will certainly feel lot lighter in your heart and be much happier in your life. But among you it will be different.

Greatness in character, in thinking, and taking the trouble and initiative to self improve and progress in our lives.

Perhaps they want to be a great mom or dad, a great friend, a great skier or bingo player. Or at times greatness is also witnessed in simple and basic human behavior which elevates someone to a higher status than others. Remember names of the people you interact with and address them by their name next time you meet them.

They are kind to everyone.

But we usually come back to it again and try again. They are generous with their belongings. The world may never produce a movie about your life, but all of heaven will celebrate you! Inspire someone by your good deeds, actions and character.

True greatness is not measured by physical strength, but by the strength of our character. Needless to say the gratifying experience that we enjoy when we do such small things helps us perhaps reflect upon our own purpose and value in our lives too.

He is the greatest whose strength carries up the most hearts by the attraction of his own. Good people are polite. Forgive those who have done wrong.Being a great person has various meanings which differ from person to person depending upon the way they look at life.

What I personally feel is that you shouldn't be exactly thinking of being a great person to become one. A great person is usually described as someone who helps others, cares for them, is kind and forgiving.

Oct 19,  · 20 small things that make you a greater person October 19, Few will have the greatness to bend history itself; but each of us can work to change a small portion of events, and in the total; of all those acts will be written in the history of this generation.

~Robert Kennedy. The ability to improve the lives of others, without a hidden agenda (religious conversion, thrusting one's ideaology or belief, media publicity, greed of award or trophy or something else).

The ability to lift people up. especially those lower. Watching the best people work is one of the most powerful things you can do. It’s motivating, inspiring and it’s how you were built to learn. Study the best to be the best.

Here’s Dan: When we stare at someone we want to become and we have a really clear idea of where we want to be, it unlocks a tremendous amount of energy.

15 Simple Traits Of A Truly Good Person

A great person is a person who never hurts anyone's feelings intentionally and if they do it unknowingly, will humbly apologize, put out the fire and then work it out. A great person will always be on time and never late. We’d all like to be considered good people. I don’t know of anyone who, when asked, would tell you that they’d like to be a bad person forever and always.

We surround ourselves with people.

What makes a person great
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