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The brand name, packaging, brand identification, price promotion and channel of distribution could prompt consumers to repeatedly purchase a particular brand Peter and Olson, Original luxury brands would always make use real leather that would have irregular texture with subtle leather scent unlike the counterfeit that usually has a consistent pattern of pores that would have a strong chemical smell Patkar, When consumers sight dealers such as the ones that are probably selling branded goods on the road side or when buying from an online platform and coming across an expensive brand that is sold at a very cheap price.

Art of the Trench To summarise, it is overdue that luxury brands embrace the world of digital marketing. Most business transactions will be made electronically, directly from the producer to the consumer, bypassing the supply chain.

Even the same individual may perceive the same brand differently at different times Masterson and Pickton, In Lu it was observed that the counterfeit luxury branded products is associated with and possibly generates loyalty to counterfeit products because its owners were found out to have favourable attitude towards the counterfeit.

However, a brand that has managed to seamlessly blur both the physical and digital worlds is Burberry. Retrieved March 08,from http: After the Industrial Revolution, competition grew and focus turned to selling.

Consumers feel that they cannot afford to buy original luxury brand because they are too expensive and are not affected by low quality and poor materials because they do not see counterfeits as inferior choices Ergin, The history of marketing is wonderfully illustrated in the story The evolution of Marketing absolute must read!

They are usually uniquely made from the creativity of its originators. Brand association can come from the qualities of product or service, from symbols, not just logos but symbols like people Steve Jobs, Richard Bransonthings like the Coke bottle, Trump Tower or Mickey Mouse ears, there can also be association with the time of the year or an occasion Thoranna, They suffer so many losses as a result of the sales of lower quality of the original which reduce their profit.

By doing so, Moncler is altering the perception of what is expected of a luxury fashion brand, and conforming to its younger audience and their digital marketing requirements.

Price as a concept can be defined as money charged for a product or service Masterson and Pickton, Search our thousands of essays: However, in an unexpected move, the brand has recently announced its collaboration with the e-commerce platform Farfetch. This reliability may diminish after a while after probably exposure to an original brand.

Evolution of Luxury Marketing

Wikipedia and More Than Branding […] October 21, - Counterfeit brands are usually associated with mass production because unlike the original luxury brand that is produced seasonally or quarterly, the counterfeits are usually produced in large amount frequently. In other words, because of the spread of counterfeits in different place consumers are able t have it in their mind that such brand exist.

The most common form of counterfeit is counterfeit luxury branded products which involves the production of replicas of original luxury branded products and then sold at low prices Phau et. With the use of video and social media integration, Chanel has grown to having more than 57 million social followers globally, the highest in the luxury fashion industry.

As a result, the website was reaching 13 million hits per month by Governments should ensure that they establish prohibitory regimes against exports of counterfeits; eliminate bond requirements imposed on trademark owners as a condition to processing counterfeiting cases by customs; and take appropriate steps to reduce or eliminate the burdens on trademark owners of suffering costs of storage and destruction of counterfeit goods.

The originators of original luxury brands limit the access to the brands just to create a scene whereby the consumers who cannot afford the expensive brand can envy the ones who can. The theory is based on the assumption that human beings are able to reason when they carry out any action and make use of the information available to them in an orderly manner to carry out the action.

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In regions where counterfeiting poses serious challenges, governments should establish specialized intellectual property crimes investigation and prosecution units within their law enforcement and prosecution structures, respectively. Consumers believe that whether they wear or carry a counterfeit or an original brand they can be recognised as using a branded product and that those who purchase the counterfeit brand end up getting just the reputation of the original brand without paying for it Penz and Stottinger in Ergin, By taking these actions provided by ITA changes can be made in the market of luxury goods and the value attached to the goods can be protected in the extinction of counterfeits.

Consumers like to look good so purchases of fashion good are made regularly.Luxury brands have finally emerged from their cocooned highbrow environments, and are embracing the digital age.

With fierce competition, luxury fashion brands are striving to retain their traditional cachet, while adopting a more seamless digital marketing strategy. Although luxury is a relative concept and therefore is rarely comprehensive, the natural evolution of luxury, with luxury brands originally being the preserve of the privileged few then today becoming more affordable to mass-market consumers, raises great challenge for marketing practitioners.

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The history of marketing is wonderfully illustrated in the story The evolution of Marketing (absolute must read!). Perhaps due to technology emergence and international [ ] AhmadMilad Afghan October 13, - pm.

Nice explanation. The History of Marketing | The Marketing People Blog. Essay about The Evolution in Marketing Channels.

The Evolution in Marketing Channels The distribution channel is a means by which to overcome the time, place and possession gaps that separate the goods and services from the consumers.

The evolution of luxury marketing essay
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