The ambassador the thesis track list

Lyrics rushing like wind like when the Spirit of God was dropped. Amongst all the upbeat and club-bouncing tracks, things slow down a bit for "Body Talk," where the issue is stressed on individuals who send across the wrong message with their body language and urges young people to watch how they present themselves to the public eye.

The method is not the main thing long as the right message is dropped. Aaahhh, the rawness is back. We do this for all the hip-hop heads. The Ambassador never fails to disappoint as his main focus is to speak the truth of Jesus in everything he writes, whether it be as a solo artist or with the Cross Movement.

Jesus Christ, He wants to get in your frame. Repeat People I want you to stop trading God for loot. Tell your boys the Lord uses the rawest of raps. People I want you to hunger and want the truth.

The Ambassador - Song For You Lyrics

Than to offer you to awful dudes who worship that thing called cheddar. People, I want you to hunger and want the truth.

I can see them sisters in the salon. The next song, "Song For You," starts off with a mellow groove that leads into a club-savvy jam about taking God seriously and giving Him praise in everything a man does. One thing that remains constant with The Ambassador, as well as the other CM members, is keeping it real with old school beats mixed with new school flows, as shown in the song "Get You Open.

Dope tunes boom and they stick in your brain. Though guest appearances are slim on this project, The Ambassador is anything but short on giving the listener plenty of reasons to keep an open ear to his words and music. I hit ya with Scripture, listen to every word I say.

The question is, however, can his newest release match up to its debut? The answer is a hearty "Yes. When Biblical sense is more common than courtesy. So when I make a dope tune boom I slip you the name. Focused vertically, hoping for the day.With five full-length albums as a member of the legendary hip-hop group the Cross Movement and a solo project to his credit, The Ambassador is back with his sophomore effort The Thesis.

The Ambassador - We Worship You Lyrics. I was made to worship and adore you enjoy you Put you on a pedestal and lay there before you The more you do work in me the more I. free download The Ambassador - The Thesis (CD) () (FLAC + kbps) rar.

The Ambassador or Ambassador is a Christian hip-hop artist who has recorded both independently and as a founding member of the group The Cross Movement.

The Thesis

Branch is the former president of Cross Movement Ministries. He is an alumnus of Dallas Theological Seminary and has a Master in Theology degree graduating with honors. The Ambassador, John Wells - The Tonic, LevelK-Drama, Phanatik, R-Swift, Young Joshua & More). It has also received some of the music industry's highest acclaim with multiple Grammy, Dove and Stellar award nominations, though this wasn't a.

The Thesis Ambassador. Released The Thesis Tracklist. 1.

The Testimony (Interlude)

About “The Thesis” “The Thesis” Q&A. Album Credits. Featuring Courtney Orlando & Karan Sabir. More Ambassador albums.

The ambassador the thesis track list
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