The accelerometer mouse

The "Accelerometer Values" tab features a distinct monitoring user interface showing the accelerometer info that is being sent by the client to the server.

But if we had enough time and a slightly larger budget, we could have made a very nice package as well. Multitouch is enabled, so more than one button can be pressed at any given time. There are a few things to note about this patent.

However, much of it is written in assembly for the micro-controller. The menu features four options. Thus, if the fingers are flicked as if you were closing them to form a fist, they read an acceleration proportional to the speed at which the user flicks the finger.

The first option is "Search for Server", which automatically searches for a server on the network. This webpage has a more detailed description of the The accelerometer mouse. If the user touches the white space, no tactical feedback will be present as that is not a valid button.

It is available for free download on the Android Market as well as on this website. The client application running on an android device will constantly send three numbers referring to the force in the x,y, or z axis in meters per second squared. The server is responsible for taking client data and processing it to understand which way the user is tilting the phone based on accelerometer data.

The accelerometer mouse the indicator is green, then an active connection is established between the server and client, otherwise if the indicator is red, no connection is currently existent. Along with all the touch and accelerometer features, yhe application features a context menu that can be summoned via touching the hardware menu button or access via the " If during pause, network communications go down, the application will notify the user and the play button will disappear since it will no longer be connected to a server.

The android application is a client which sends accelerometer data to a server application running on a computer, thus controlling the mouse via the tilting of the device. After making sure that Java is working, download the application by clicking the attachment on the bottom.

In order to use this application, download the Java Runtime Environment by clicking the Java icon on the left. This will make the mouse pointer move along the Y axis. Throughout the code, only one timer was used - Timer 0.

Most of the calculations in the MCU code are adding or subtracting certain correction constants to interpret the ADC reading. There is no indication on their website that they hold a patent for the tilt-based mouse system, so it does not seem like our product steps on their toes either. Download Accelerometer Mouse Server Gamma below: When a pressed button is no longer pressed, the user will set off the finger up tactical feedback.

The buttons on our product are on separate fingers, so you do not have to curl them in weird ways to press the buttons on the ring.

Server Application Server Application This application serves as the server side of the whole thing. Tilting around the Y axis tilting the hand side to side will move the mouse pointer along the X axis.

There have been only two major changes to the mouse since its inception: A group in built a utility for emulating a host PC, allowing one to bypass the re-booting problem. And most laptop users usually carry a USB mouse with the laptop as well.

In this case, tethering the phone to the computer via WiFi hotspot or a USB Cable will suffice for compensating for a network to share information over.

There is a mention of calculating angular velocity by measuring differences in accelerometer read values, but nothing specific about using tilt. When pressing a button, the device can be set to vibrate for a given amount of time or not at all in order to create a sense of augmented reality via tactical feedback.

It checks a class C ip subnet in sequence, so the server may not be found immediately or at all via this method. High Level Design Rationale: The user can specify finger down and finger up feedback intensity and also has the freedom to disable or enable both.

The clock run at The server application requires Java to be present on the target machine. Supported devices include any cellular device running Android 2.

The vector shows the direction the cursor is currently moving at and the magnitude at which it is translating.The accelerometer samples movement.

Keeping the project flat with respect to the ground, tilting the mouse forward and back moves the cursor in the x direction (horizontal) while turning your wrist around the axis of the USB cable moves it.

To save my hands from CTS (Capal Tunnel Syndrome), I want to have a mouse that uses an accelerometer, connected to any limb in the body, to replace the conventional mouse that you move with your ha. As computers have evolved from 66MHz to the 3+GHz today, the mouse has remained relatively unchanged.

There have been only two major changes to the mouse since its inception: more buttons, and interface changes (PS/2, USB, Wireless) but the core interaction method has not changed. The touch pad. Accelerometer Mouse is a mobile application developed for the Google Android mobile platform which uses the accelerometer on the device to control a mouse pointer on a computer on the same network.

Supported devices include any cellular device running Android Eclair or higher/5(). Accelerometer Mouse is a mobile remote mouse manipulation application developed for the Google Android mobile platform.

Supported devices include any cellular device running Android Eclair or higher.

The accelerometer mouse
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