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Generally, these are people who use the internet to target minors with the intent of performing nonconsensual sex acts with them. It would be foolish to distinguish between those predators who actually violate or kill their pray, and those who stalk them online.

The truth is that many young people are friendly and curious about meeting new people. They use these issues to befriend the victim and empathize with them while building a pseudo friendship and trust.

Therefore, parents must be on guard to protect their families. Furthermore, the statistics reveal that even though the girl child is most vulnerable, a significant number of boys also fall in the same trap of molestation What is a Cyber Predator?

Their strategy is based on manipulation and anonymity so that they may be able to use childish distractions against the children. They target both boys and girls of all ages and use the anonymity of the Internet to their advantage since they can be whomever they want.

If a teenager is exposed to an online predator before they understand what they are up against, the encounter can easily lead to severe repercussions. This wake-up call comes just in time. In return for not exposing the victim they will demand money, additional material, or even sex.

The explosion of social media has also been brought about a similar increase in the number of cyber predators.

Family Safe Computers

Research indicates that to year-old girls are most vulnerable, particularly those who voluntarily place themselves in risky situations- by engaging in online discussions with strangers, flirting and talking about sex online, and by publicly posting personal and intimate information in Web environments such as social networking sites.

The teenager might think that their new "friend" is harmless.

Predators 101:

Keep in mind that how you respond will determine whether they confide in you on other occasions, and how they learn to deal with problems on their own. Because of its sensational nature, the spectre of unscrupulous adults preying upon and sexually exploiting kids online gets a lot of media attention.

This is one of the most negative and potentially long-lasting consequences of a sexual predator encounter. The online predation of children is real and has some really terrifying consequences. Alternatively, Realtime-Spy is a lightweight and a similarly capable monitoring software which can be remotely installed and operated regardless of the internet connection type.

The interaction may impact their overall sexual health, self-esteem and self-image. Even so, most people do not realize the vast amount of information that they contribute on the internet and how easily it could be used against them. When surfing the Web, IMing friends, entering chat rooms with peers or even researching for school projects, parents must make sure their kids are protected from exposure to inappropriate Web sites, identity theft scams, sexual chat room predators, and countless other threats that anyone faces online.

The show proves that sexual predators are lurking, and that they are dangerous. If your children come to you about a disturbing person, message or Web site encountered while online, do not reprimand them.

Use Internet parental controls to block chat areas, message boards and Web sites deemed inappropriate for your children. An intelligent sexual predator would then chat online with their new victim and say, "Do you want to meet right now outside of school?Sexual Predators Online sexual predators are a serious threat to society.

"One in four U.S. teen girls reported that they met strangers off the Internet. Internet Predators Essay; Internet Predators Essay. Words 11 Pages.

Online Sexual Predators

Internet Predators Online Sexual Predators The internet is one of the most important technological advancements of the 21st century and its increasing effects can be easily observed. Most of the consequences of the Internet have been beneficial and created.

Online Sexual Predators Digital Citizenship, Internet & Mobile, Sexual Exploitation Because of its sensational nature, the spectre of unscrupulous adults preying upon and sexually exploiting kids online gets a lot of media attention.

Online Predators. Are they loitering in the virtual playgrounds of cyberspace? Even more disturbing is the fact that, out of the hundreds of thousands of online sexual predators, approximately one percent get caught.

Contests & Giveaways; Site Map. Its goals: to break up networks of online pedophiles, to stop sexual predators from using the Internet to lure children from their families, and to rescue victims.

Today, 28 of the FBI’s 56 field offices have undercover Innocent Images operations. practical insight into strategies that might reduce teenage risk for online sexual assault. Wolak and Finkelhor () suggest that crimes by online predators should be treated no differently from crimes by sex offenders known to the youth.

Sexual predators online essay contests
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