Organisation culture and values in nokia

Organization Culture Of Apple And Nokia

People are held accountable and are answerable for the results due to which employees are forced to work hard and meet their targets Lashinsky, On the other hand Nokia follows a management style that is more friendly and democratic unlike Apple, where the management style was It is not the market leader but has a strong following of loyal customers that only prefer its products due to it aesthetics and innovative designs.

It is very important to have sound organization culture that enhances the potential capabilities and skills of the employees and bringing together the resources that are important for successful implementation of organizational objectives and policies.

In contrast of Apple it offers cell phones for every class of customers at different price ranges. He restructured and redesigned its organization structure and culture through his unique management style Kramer, Every organization has a certain culture and structure that can make it or break it by dictating rules of behaviour and working processes for its employees.

Apple versus Nokia Introduction Organization culture and leadership style are of utmost importance in driving any organization towards success and growth. The culture of the company was force driven and the employees were expected to work under pressure, late nights and shifts.

There are divisions of functions. The corporate and organization culture at Apple has always been a topic of controversy. The organization structure of Nokia is very flexible and fluid unlike Apple.

It devises working methodology and processes for the employees.

Nokia: Shaping The Organizational Culture

At Nokia, its only thing similar to that of Apple is its policy and culture of innovation. Apple faced many problems and was on the verge of bankruptcy before it introduced Iphone. The company believes in making mentors from within the company and motivates them to work hard not by force or dictatorship but by reward and authority to make decisions.

There was an air o dictatorship. The hierarchy of job is top down, decisions are dictated from the higher management level and subordinates are asked to strictly follow and bring desired results. When Steve Job took over the company, it was in a bad shape.

At Apple Steve Jobs was more like a dictator who took every crucial and critical decision in his hand and did not depend on others. The major difference between the culture of Nokia and Apple is the corporate culture of both the companies.

Unlike Apple Nokia is the market leader in the telecommunication industry. The company has a policy to assign mentors or managers for every task or project.

The organization structure of Apple is very straight forward and there are no dotted lines or intermediaries. Organization culture of Apple and Nokia Organization Culture:Nokia, the Finnish multinational, is renowned for its organizational culture.

Nokia believes in providing individuals with a platform for personal growth in a challenging environment. Clear vision, goals and shared management principles are an integral part of Nokia's culture.

The challenge for Nokia is to retain these core values as it grows in. Nokia, the Finnish multinational, is renowned for its organisational culture. A flat, networked organisation along with flexibility and speedy decision-making form the main elements of Nokia's culture.

CEO, Jorma Ollila's leadership has played an important role in shaping Nokia's culture. So I am well aware about the corporate culture of Nokia.

The other reason for chosen this company is that we want to know that that how in multinational company, culture is conducive to organization. Nokia is also well known company in corporate world for their corporate culture.5/5(1).

Organizational culture is a system of shared assumptions, values, and beliefs, which governs how people behave in organizations. These shared values have a strong influence on the people in the.

Jul 17,  · Subject: Starting to Evolve Our Organization and Culture Last week in my email to you I synthesized our strategic direction as a productivity and platform company. Having a clear focus is the start of the journey, not the end. A survey conducted by Deloitte has found that 70% of the employees who agreed that their companies had performed well financially said their executive management team speaks to them often about the core values associated with the culture of the company.

Organisation culture and values in nokia
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