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Solution Byrne says, "We defined a three year program; in the first we would begin by integrating our systems. Across the organisation, access to data is easing day-to-day management. With all the point-of-sale terminals and stores integrated with the head office, the solution saves huge person-hours resulting in reduced administrative costs.

The solution is cost-effective and will help employees do their jobs with less reliance on the IT department Business users can now perform custom data analysis using familiar Microsoft Excel tools, without the need for IT intervention. Foodco Holding, a prominent food distributor in the United Arab Emirates UAEwanted new business management software to support its standalone business units more effectively.

Flexible and easy to use, the mission-critical solution improves efficiency, making it possible for employees to create reports with charts and graphics in minutes.

As a result, net profit on sales has increased significantly despite difficult trading conditions. The retail group completed the implementation on time, providing advanced management capabilities and extensive resources for reporting and performance management.

Productivity increased by 40 percent in the accounts, payroll, and HR teams, while senior managers receive daily performance reports and comply more easily with stock exchange rules.

Jamba Juice—a leading provider of healthy, on-the-go food and beverages—viewed the economic slowdown as an opportunity to assess its operations and improve efficiencies.

It also increased productivity by 30 percent, transaction processing by 50 percent, and sales by 8 percent. Sonae is a Portuguese company that operates food chains and retail stores.

As a result, store sales are up 14 percent, margins are up to Modernize enterprise reporting Scale your reporting solution—deliver insights to thousands of users with an enterprise-ready reporting platform.

All facilities are bright and clean, accessible 24 hours per day, and staffed with Storage Concierges during work hours to help with inquiries.

With rapid growth, the company identified the need for a flexible business solution to integrate all its stores as well as processes with emphasis on improved customer services. Events data is displayed live, allowing staff to easily identify the events being staged on the club premises, the timing and catering requirements of each event, whether the event has been paid in full and key contact details relating to the booking.

Watch an overview Better decisions start with better business insights Gain deeper insight into your data. Objective To create a centralised source of clean, accurate data for better business intelligence BI and management reporting.

Individually, these applications hold a great deal of data about every aspect of the business. For example, is it a prudent investment to construct a gym at another club location.

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Tax calculations and billing are now automated resulting in operational efficiency and enhanced customer satisfaction level. Fiba Retail Group, based in Turkey, had three months to deploy a business management solution to handle its new Gap franchise.

The information derived for each area remains locked in its own application silo. Its aim is to encourage, foster and promote sports, games and recreation activities, and to assist in the provision of playing, training, coaching and teaching facilities.

Data had to be exported from each system, consolidated and de-duplicated before any reports could be generated. With disparate systems and unconnected point-of-sales terminals the company struggled with manual processes that required extra man power and introduced inaccuracies.

The process was prone to delays and periodic James Phillips, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Business Intelligence Products Group.

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Today is an exciting milestone, as we release the new Power BI service and Power BI I first unveiled our GA date earlier this month, I emphasized the importance of the innovation we’re delivering, and how it leads to discovery and insight.

Oct 07,  · To solve those business challenges, Yip In Tsoi & Jacks worked with sister company Yip In Tsoi Consulting Co., Ltd. to implement a business intelligence solution based on Microsoft SQL Server R2, Microsoft SharePoint Serverand Microsoft Office Organization case studies highlighting solutions implemented using Microsoft products and technologies.

Better decisions start with better business insights Gain deeper insight into your data.

Bring together powerful business intelligence (BI) capabilities in SQL ServerAzure Analysis Services, and Power BI to transform your complex data into business insights and share across your organization.

Microsoft Azure Stack is an extension of Azure—bringing the agility and innovation of cloud computing to your on-premises environment and enabling the only hybrid cloud that allows you to build and deploy hybrid applications anywhere.

Better decisions start with better business insights

Home» Case Studies» Mingara. Mingara & Microsoft Business Intelligence. Recreation club gets serious about Business Intelligence. From its beginnings on the NSW central coast inMingara Recreation Club Limited has grown to become a $ million enterprise. Its aim is to encourage, foster and promote sports, games and .

Microsoft case studies business intelligence
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