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I ended up taking my laptop with me everywhere and stealing a lunch break here and there—whatever I could do to get a couple hundred more words in.

It really shows how far the importance of diversity has come in the YA market, even from just four or five years ago. There is one queer character in Heartlessthough their sexuality plays a rather small marissa meyer writing advice from authors in the overall plot.

Marissa Meyer

I was really, really excited about that. Writing is, after all, more than just the act of writing. But Karen Harrington, who wrote her novel Sure Signs of Crazy Little, Brown, during her second NaNoWriMo, says that having a warm-up routine—such as a listening to a certain song—can help get the creative juices flowing.

The compressed nature of a NaNo-novel makes for a tighter plot. Who are some of your literary heroes? One may find strong points, for instance, in the parts which another reader thinks is weak.

Well, Jane Austen is hard to beat. How should my work be marketed? It all adds up. And it was already generating sales… whew! But, as Diana Gabaldon says: Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell Rainbow Rowell marissa meyer writing advice from authors that she first thought people just used NaNoWriMo to dump words on paper, and that she would be better off taking the time to write quality over quantity.

Refresh and try again. So I actually set the goal for myself to write not 50, butwords. She adds that doing prep work can make the writing process run more smoothly. Hough, who wrote a draft of his novel The Darwin Elevator Del Rey, during his second NaNoWriMo, says the program forced him to let go of the idea of an ideal creative atmosphere.

They might end up being more important than you think. That said, I absolutely love writing YA and see myself staying here for a long time.

I stayed immersed in the story all month long, and that made everything come so much smoother than usual. I light a candle and get a glass of water or a cup of tea and do a ten-minute meditation to switch over to writing brain.

Remember that NaNoWriMo is not about writing a bestselling novel. And motivate herself, she did. I think Stephen King was the writer who popularized this advice. Where do I take my work now?

Or, as is the case in some of the stories below, the first few books in a series! Instead, she accumulated a solid 40, word base. Gruen used NaNoWriMo to draft three of her novels, including Water for Elephants — a historical novel about a young vet who joins a Depression-era circus.

Well, I really despise the suggestion that a writer should never use a thesaurus. But all were attracted to its emphasis on discipline. There is no shortage of great advice out there meant to help writers through the month-long writing blitz with the makings of great novel and, for bonus points: Turning your 50, words into a potential best seller comes afterwards — with lots, and lots and lots of editing.

All three of these novels went on to land spots on the New York Times Best Seller list and the series is now on its fifth volume.It's hard to overestimate the love that exists for Marissa Meyer's books. Tiffany: What is the worst writing advice you've ever received?

And do you have a writing ritual or "writing triggers" that help you get into the mind-set and set the mood for writing? authors & advertisers blog; terms; privacy; help; switch to: mobile version.

Marissa Meyer In addition to Bluebeard (which I mentioned in an earlier answer), I had thought it would be fun to do Puss in Boots as a part of this series, inspired by a short story that I wrote years ago that first inspired these books. But it didn't fit into the plot, so I cut that idea early on.

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Feb 04,  · Author Book Signing: Marissa Meyer Another author book signing under my belt; however, this wasn't the first time I've met Marissa Meyer, but she wowed me but once again at her STARS ABOVE book tour event in Salt Lake City.

Have you had to chance to meet one of your favorite authors? What's some advice they gave. But of all the writing advice in the whole entire world, this might be the only advice that really matters.

5 Bestselling Authors Reveal Their NaNoWriMo Secrets

Write. Good luck and much inspiration to you all! Anyone wanting to impart their own wisdom is welcome to share in the comments.

Marissa’s Guide to Writing a Graphic Novel: Part II Posted on February 6, by Marissa In Part I of this blog series, I talked about where the idea for Wires and Nerve came from, and some of the resources I used to research graphic novel scriptwriting.

Marissa meyer writing advice from authors
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