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We also investigate the anti-cancer properties of novel quinone containing and metallo-organic compounds.

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South African Innocence Project: Marlene du Preez My research focus is the analysis of expressed genes involved with colour development in pome apple and pear fruit skin using high throughput transcriptome analysis on next generation sequencing platforms. Maternal and paternal ancestry study of admixed communities in South Africa.

Specific aims would be the deciphering of molecular pathways involved in plant responses to heavy metal stress especially the reactive oxygen species ROS -antioxidant enzyme system which is an important mechanism for coping under heavy metal stress.

Y-chromosome genotyping of African populations. An in silico and molecular approach Identification of biomarkers associated with ovarian cancer: Evaluating cancer specific peptides for applications in the diagnosis of cancer.

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Biochemical investigation of the anti-cancer activity of Tulbaghia violacea extracts. Prediction of anticancer antimicrobial peptides using HIMMER and support vector machine Identification and validation of novel therapeutic antimicrobial peptides against Human Immunodeficiency Virus: Development of nanotechnology-based therapeutic approaches to treat HIV.

The Biolabels Unit use proteomic and transcriptomic approaches to identify disease biomarkers that can be used for the development of point-of-care diagnostic systems or to improve current diagnostic methods.

PCR and phage assay for the detection and control of pathogens in foods. The lab first applied this technology to identifying anti-apartheid activists exhumed from mass graves, and currently assists the police in identifying human remains from crime scenes.

Screening the anti-cancer activity of novel organo-metallic compounds. Results of this research have been published Acta Horticulturae and the African Journal of Biotechnology.

Indels genotyping of African populations.

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Most of my students are currently investigating the regulation of cancer-associated proteins by the E3 ubiquitin ligase Retinoblostoma Binding Protein 6 RBBP6. Analysis of sugar biosynthesis-related proteins of sorghum bicolor and investigation of their role in drought-stress tolerance Evaluation of the suitability and sustainability of Sweet Sorghum for bioethanol and other by-products production in South Africa Guayule Proteome Analysis: Along with the Biolabels lab, we are applying nanotechnology methods for DNA detection in a forensic context.

Selected research project titles: DNA authentication of animal species present in commercial raw meat products. Identifying various lipid signalling molecules which increase plant tolerance to heavy metal stress and deciphering the pathways by which these lipid signalling molecules play a role in mitigating the effects of heavy metals on plants is also an important part of our research.

Apoptosis and Cancer The activation of apoptosis in cancer cells is a target for mechanism-based anti-cancer drug development. Proteomics, which is generally defined as the simultaneous and high throughput study of protein expression profiles.

We are currently conducting research on mitochondrial DNA, Y-chromosome and diploid markers applied to individual identification. Nanotechnology applications to DNA genotyping.

Y-chromosome forensic kit, development of a commercial prototype. Mechanism-based apoptosis bioassays are used to evaluate the ability of the extracts to induce apoptosis in human cancer cell cultures. Targeted delivery of embelin to cancer cells.

Current Projects Identification and profiling of abiotic stress-responsive proteins in Arabidopsis thaliana and Sorghum bicolor. Research is carried out both in vitro using bacterially expressed proteins and mutants as well as in healthy and tumourous mammalian cell lines.

Fabrication of target specific nano-constructs for in vivo imaging and treatment of cancer. Nanotechnology methods for DNA isolation. Molecular based technology for the rapid detection and identification of food borne pathogens in complex food systems. These identified potential biomarkers are confirmed to play a role in these respective cancers by using Molecular Biology, Cell Biology and Proteomics technologies.

This non-GMO strategy aims to generate new pome cultivars with desirable traits for the local and export markets. Evaluating novel quinone compounds as anti-cancer agents. This was made possible through Prof.

BRG looks at the identification of new therapeutic and diagnostic tools in the fight against Cancer breast cancer, ovarian cancer, prostate cancer and HIV.Biotechnology News. Read the latest research from around the world on genetic engineering, drug development and more.

Plant Biotechnology Research Group The main research thrust of the PBRG is to investigate genetic determinants of plant responses to drought and salinity because of the impact that these two abiotic stresses have of crop yield and food security.

Sep 09,  · A research project may be interlinked with two or more related subjects, and there is no such called trending or latest, you may choose a project done before and try to improvise the conclusion and prove it with experimenting the same.

>> Category: Environmental Biotechnology Tank Bottom Sludge- Hazards and Treatment Methods By: Dani Kate This article outlines the various hazardous impacts of tank bottom sludge and the methods that can be used for the effective treatment and disposal of the concerned sludge.

The human brain, with its billion neurons that control every thought, word, and action, is the most complex and delicate organ in the body. Because it needs extra protection from toxins and. Sep 11,  · ScienceDaily features breaking news about the latest discoveries in science, health, the environment, technology, and more -- from major news services .

Latest research papers biotechnology
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