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Violetta, amused, cannot understand why and teases her lover, Baron Douphol, that he did not do the same. Feeling annoyed, the Baron goes to the gambling table and joins him in a game. Furious, Alfredo calls in the guests; he tells them that she had spent all her money on him and that now he must repay her.

Alone, she looks at herself in the mirror and is shocked to see how pale she is. Alfredo leaves with handfuls of money. As she cries out with La traviata paper, she falls lifeless to her bed.

That uncanny combination of stillness and grandeur is there, a bit more quietly, in this classic production of Traviata from Di donne ignobile insultatore, di qua allontanati, ne desti orror! Violetta arrives with Baron Douphol.

La Traviata

The guests reprimand Alfredo: Violetta is devoted to an honest lover — Alfred Germont. As she does so, Annina sees Dr. Giorgio tries to stop Alfredo, but he rushes out. He also announces that he will go back to the country to enjoy his winnings with the woman who left him. She replies that she would rather die than give up her love.

But it is late, and they have not yet come. He reproaches his son for his poor behaviour. Act 2[ edit ] Scene 1: Opera incorporates acting, costumes, scenery and sometimes even dance.

When he asks what she will do, she refuses to tell him but begs him not to allow Alfredo to curse her memory.

La traviata

The servant Giuseppe enters with a letter for Violetta, and she informs him that she is expecting a visitor. Alfredo sends Annina for the doctor. Giuseppe hurries in to tell Alfredo that Violetta has taken off for Paris and that Annina had gone before her. She responds that she cannot end the relationship because she loves him so much, but Giorgio pleads with her for the sake of his La traviata paper.

He coldly asks her what she wants. He humiliates and denounces Violetta in front of the guests and then throws his winnings at her feet in payment for her services. He promises that her sacrifice will not go unrewarded and leaves with a wish that she be happy.

Alfredo misunderstands her apprehension and demands that she admit that she loves the Baron. When Alfred returns, he receives the letter from Violetta that she has gone. But his rapture is interrupted by the maid Annina, who informs him that Violetta has had to sell her horsescarriageand other possessions in order to pay their expenses.

And yet we believe in her love for Alfredo — we believe in the reality of her passion as the erotic expression of an authentic love —and this somehow makes us accept the extraordinary renunciation that the Germont father wrings from her.

The Baron explains that he has known her only a year, but she retorts that Alfredo has known her only a few minutes. Astounded, Germont softens toward her and regrets that her past has been scandalous.La Traviata Essays: OverLa Traviata Essays, La Traviata Term Papers, La Traviata Research Paper, Book Reports.

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La Traviata by Giuseppe Verdi

La traviata (Italian: [la traˈvjaːta; traviˈaːta], The Fallen Woman) is an opera in three acts by Giuseppe Verdi set to an Italian libretto by Francesco Maria Piave. It is based on La Dame aux Camélias (), a play adapted from the novel by Alexandre Dumas fils.

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La traviata paper
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