Gcse french writing about where you live

What means of transport do you use to go to town? What do you prefer: Je ne supporte pas la pluie. There are also disadvantages too. I prefer to live in the country because life is calmer here, and the air is less polluted and one can go fishing. There is Corfe Castle, the hills and also the cathedral.

Fifteen kilometres from Bournemouth are the ruins of Corfe Castle. For example, it is difficult to do anything without a car, and there is neither a cinema nor youth club.

I would like to live in the same town as my cousin because there are lots of things that young people can do there. There are lots of things there for young people. Last summer the sky was often overcast and it rained endlessly. Usually in the summer the weather is fine, but it rains sometimes.

Il y a aussi un grand complexe sportif. There are lots of touristic attractions in my region. Je vais en ville en autobus. If you had the choice, where would you like to live? What is there of interest for tourists in your region?

Again Stanislas expands his answer to give a more elaborate response. Je ne pouvais pas me promener. If I had the choice, I would like to live in the same town as my cousin. Quel moyen de transport prends-tu pour te rendre en ville?

He also uses the opportunity to tell us about the weather last year so he can use the imperfect tense. There is also a big sports complex.

I hate having to stay inside all day. For example, see good films and go round the shops with your friends. However, it rains sometimes, even in the summer. I go to town by bus.

What is the weather like here in summer, generally? There are also some classy hotels. Usually in the summer the weather is fine. In the centre of Salisbury is a beautiful fifteenth century cathedral and lots of department stores.

Layla answers the question, but Stanislas justifies his opinion and expands his answer even further by mentioning some of the disadvantages. Layla says what there is for tourists in her region, but Stanislas uses a variety of adjectives to give a fuller description and tells us where these places are.

Stanislas answers the question and also tells us how the weather affects what he does. I prefer to live in the country.Example answers with examiner's comments.

Where do you live? - Example answer

Compare what Layla and Stanislas said in this role-play, and find out why the examiner gave Stanislas a higher mark.

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Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Writing. 4 You are writing about your plans to make your town more environmentally friendly. Write about each of the following in French. • Say what you think are the main problems with your local environment.

GCSE French 3 Where I live

• Describe what you intend to do to overcome these problems. • Describe where you would like to live in the future. Aug 11,  · hi this is my writing piece on 'my town' and i was wondering if there are any spelling mistakes and if it makes sense.

if you can correct some i would really appreciate your help!

The environment - Writing

Task for GCSE AQA controlled writing on Where I live Linked with EXPO GCSE Mod 3. French controlled writing - Where I live.

Task for GCSE AQA controlled writing on Where I live Linked with EXPO GCSE Mod 3. mkid (4) FREE; Popular paid resources. GCSE French - using complex structures/5(4).

Gcse french writing about where you live
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