Discuss the role of product positioning

It is based on the concept that communication can only take place at the right time and under the right circumstances". Avoid cannibalization Positioning allows the firm to place more products in a related category, with a reduced risk of cannibalization.

When introducing new products, your new product plan needs to be focused on differentiation and positioning strategies and tactics.

There is no value in being a "me too" product offering and simply copying what competitors are doing. So make sure you carefully focus on your pricing strategy as an important part of your positioning. Value can be expressed in numerous forms including product benefits, features, style, value for money.

Effective product positioning ensures that marketing messages resonate with target consumers and compel them to take action. Good for habitual purchases Many supermarket style Discuss the role of product positioning that is, FMCGs — fast moving consumer goods are bought on a habitual basis.

Discover Your Positioning DNA and Dominate Your Competition, Andy Cunningham proposes that branding is actually "derived from positioning; it is the emotional expression of positioning. There are many reasons why positioning is very important to firms, as outlined in the following table: For instance, a startup company might need a firm positioned for clients who only need to secure a patent.

Why Positioning is Used

In an article, Industrial Marketing, published inJack Trout stated that positioning is a mental device used by consumers to simplify information inputs and store new information in a logical place.

Among other things, Ogilvy wrote that "the most important decision is how to position your product" and, [14] "Everyone in the organization should understand the brand positioning and use it as context for making decisions" [15] and "Every advertisement is part of the long-term investment in the personality of the brand.

What Is Positioning in a Marketing Plan?

Further, the positioning must not only align with other divisions and with the current corporate objectives, but also provide long-term sustainability and remain relevant for product variants and for future market scenarios.

Unlike primary competitive alternativeour product statement of primary differentiation. According to Stephen A. They also use print media by running full page high resolution color ads in sports magazines.

The Battle for Your Mind. Ries and Trout codified the tacit knowledge that was available in the advertising industry; popularising the positioning concept with the publication their articles and books.

The Importance of Product Positioning to the Marketing Plan

Product positioning starts with identifying the specific, niche market segments to target e. Good for low-involvement purchases Positioning is a great assistance when marketing low-involvement products. The more specific, the better. To be successful it must identify and promote itself as the best provider of As a result, these customers become less likely to switch to competitive offerings.

Simply put, the price of an item tells the buyer more about the item than most realize. The more intense a positioning strategy, typically the more effective the marketing strategy is for a company.

Cano has argued that the positioning strategy JWT used for Lux exhibited an insightful understanding of the way that consumers mentally construct brand images. The article, "How Brands Were Born: Positioning your product or service means you need to first define marketing segmentationand then understand, your target market.

Carefully Crafted Key Messages The final challenge in effective product positioning is conveying the differentiating, value-added aspects of your product or service to your target audience through the communication channels you have selected. Communication Channels Product positioning helps marketers consider how their offerings are different from others that consumers have to choose from.A basic template for writing positioning statements is as follows: "For (target customer) who (statement of the need or opportunity), the (product name) is a (product category) that (statement of key benefit – that is, compelling reason to buy).

Today, Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning (STP) is a familiar strategic approach in Modern Marketing. It is one of the most commonly applied marketing models in practice. In our poll asking about the most popular marketing model it is the second most.

Discuss the Role of Product Positioning in Consumer Buying Decision Process and Whether Consumer Involvement Impacts on the Role of Product Positioning in the Decision Process. Words Oct 5th, 5 Pages. Segmenting, Targeting, Positioning (STP) is the process which marketers employ to select target markets.

Segmentation is the process of. The Role of Product Positioning in Consumer Buying Decision Process Segmenting, Targeting, Positioning (STP) is the process which marketers employ to select target markets.

Segmentation is the process of ordering consumers into groups with similar product interests or needs. Targeting involves a. Positioning strategies The following is a list of some established product positioning strategies.

Think about your product in terms of each one. Role of Positioning: How positioning can be used: Support overall strategy. Creating a clear positioning for a brand/product in the marketplace is often an integral part .

Discuss the role of product positioning
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