Debate on pensions and social welfare

See Further information below for more information on other pro-rata pensions that no longer apply to many people because most people who would qualify are now over Now Pro is concerned with the agent itself rather than what methods taxes or fees the agent government uses.

If you do not have an average of 48 contributions from then the normal method of assessing the average will be looked at and you may get a reduced pension if you do not meet the alternative average, it is virtually impossible for you to have an average of 48 using the normal average rule.

State Pension (Contributory)

What matters is that the government is a violent institution based on the initiation of force against peaceful individuals.

Welfare is the provision of a minimal level of well-being and social support for citizens without current means to support basic needs. You will get whichever is better for you.

Pro calls several Con examples of state funding taxes and therefore theft that do not involve coercion or force.

Direct and indirect taxes paid by the richest households amount to But the sum total of the improvements might be highly vulnerable to a downturn in the economy. In some states the drop was even bigger. In a stateless society, people would pay for security services voluntarily, as can be seen in private security agencies that already exist.

ADC was aimed at unfortunate women widows or deserted wives who were in no way welfare parasites, but rather were victims of unpropitious circumstances.

Pro assumes that the only way the state can provide welfare benefits is to force others to surrender money to the state. These ABS figures provide a snapshot of the distribution of benefits and taxes at a point in time, but in assessing proposals for reform it is worth revisiting the longer-term impact and objectives of the welfare state.

A recent Grattan Institute report Budget pressures on Australian governments argues that Australian Federal and State governments potentially face a combined annual deficit of around 4 per cent of GDP byof which around 2.

When we earn money in the US taxes are a known and a given. This is a cost of doing business, and no compulsion or duress is involved. Pro told us the problem with taxation is duress; taxes are compulsory.

Credits are not allowed after self-employed contributions Class S. Note that social insurance contributions fall into the four groups below. INTRODUCTION I will not argue against the value of welfare as such, as it is unquestionable that any society of considerable size will always have people in need of help to increase their personal welfare, be it because of unfortunate circumstances due to no fault of their own or because of bad life decisions.

Again, in general, the method of calculation is similar to the EU rules. This definition acknowledges that while in many or even most cases states provide welfare via tax funds, it is not true in all instances in all countries.

He did not see the welfare problem as explicable in terms of simple cause and effect: The Self-Ownership axiom offered by Pro just asserts ones right to their own life and body.

As a result people will no longer resist being stolen from, and theft ceases to exist. That is to say, while they often are provided for by taxes, it is not universally true that welfare is funded by taxes.

Social Welfare Is Immoral

Pro confuses not liking the rules with a violation of his rights, and tries to compare it to rape. That is the very essence of voluntary. Nobody forced anything, much less surrender of money under duress.

The Never-Ending Welfare Debate

Instead, this debate has gotten lost in detail - and I take partial responsibility for it. By66 percent of AFDC families were headed by never-married mothers; in the figure was only 33 percent.

This makes the rejection of government by Pro absolutely absurd.

Con bases his examples aimed to disprove the proposition on "welfare [You can get a State Pension (Contributory) form (pdf) from your local post office and your Intreo Centre or Social Welfare Branch Office.

You should apply 3 months before the age of However, if you have paid social insurance contributions in more than one country, you should apply 6 months before reaching Good afternoon Madame Chairperson, members of the opposition and members of the audience.

My name is Ciaran Murray, we are here today to debate the motion that “More taxes and/or cuts should be imposed on pensioners and social welfare recepients in te Republic of Ireland.”. State Pension (Transition) is a social insurance payment made to people reaching age 65, who are retired and who satisfy certain social insurance conditions.

National Pensions Framework - Details of Changes to State Pension If you qualify, you get the increase with your social welfare payments each week.

Most of the social security benefits received by the richest 20 per cent are age and disability pensions, Veterans’ Affairs pensions and unemployment benefits. Part 2 of ‘The welfare state debate’ will be published on Friday 17 January.

The Economics Student Society of Australia. MENU Home; About. About ESSA; Monash Caulfield. Review opinions on the online debate Social Welfare Is Immoral. The Advantages and Disadvantages of Different Social Welfare Strategies by Lawrence H. Thompson* The following was delivered by the author to the High Level American Meeting of Experts on The Challenges of Social Reform and New Adminis- triggered spirited debate about the relative merits of the various ways of structuring.

Debate on pensions and social welfare
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