Csu approved general education coursework

You can complete this requirement either by passing a comprehensive examination or by completing the required courses--generally two. Students who are certified with 39 semester units of lower-division GE-Breadth units will be required to complete a minimum of 9 semester units of upper division general education work after transfer.

A few CSU majors, such as engineering, some math-based fields, science, and other technical majors, have many lower-division requirements that you may not be able to complete the Csu approved general education coursework general education requirements before you transfer.

After you have applied for admission to a CSU campus, you should visit your California Community College admission or counseling office to request certification of courses meeting CSU general education requirements. Most CSU campuses have articulation agreements with several California Community Colleges specifying coursework that can be completed to satisfy lower-division requirements for the major.

Some campuses also have higher standards for particular majors. Diversity and Global Cultures courses not currently approved for GE are also listed at the end of this chapter. Up to 39 of the 48 GE-Breadth units required can be transferred from and certified by a California Community College or other certifying institution.

Lower Division Pre-Major Courses Some majors require or recommend introductory or prerequisites courses, most of which are offered at community colleges. The relationship of students to the campus and the California State University is one governed by statute, rules, and policy adopted by the Legislature, the Trustees, the Chancellor, the Presidents and their duly authorized designees.

General Education at CSU The General Education program at Cleveland State is distinctive in its emphasis on skill development and its focus on educating students for success in diverse workplaces and communities. Area E--A minimum of 3 semester 4 quarter units in study designed to equip human beings for Lifelong Understanding and Development of themselves as integrated physiological and psychological entities.

See Certification section below. Certification will ensure that a CSU campus accepts all your courses in the areas in which the coursework is certified. If you have not chosen a major, taking elective courses in different fields is a good way to explore your career interests and aptitudes.

Other courses may be used, on an individual basis, to meet the requirement if they are approved for General Education at the campus offering the course and if the purpose of the course meets the criteria for a CSULB Upper Diviison General Education course. These courses provide students with the knowledge they need to understand contemporary issues and teach them to approach these issues from a variety of different points of view.

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For More Assistance The University Center for Undergraduate Advising and other special program and advising centers are great resource for students who need assistance navigating the General Education requirements. Students who are certified with 39 semester units of lower-division GE-Breadth units will only be required to complete a minimum of nine semester You must determine whether or not specific GE courses are recommended or required or if there are modifications which you should consider for your major.

Which Requirements Do You Follow? Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement All CSU campuses require students to demonstrate competence in writing skills at the upper-division level as a requirement for graduation. Institutions occasionally modify graduation requirements.

General Education Requirements

The California Community College will then officially notify a CSU campus that these requirements have been satisfied. For assistance in understanding the report see " Using Academics - Progress to Degree.

Certification of GE-Breadth is not required prior to transfer. Where appropriate exams exist, Foundation and Explorations requirements may be met by external examinations, such as Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate exams. Certification of General Education Requirements-- California Community Colleges and other qualified institutions can certify completion of up to 39 lower-division semester units applicable to GE-Breadth requirements or all of the courses required for IGETC.

If you have questions regarding the General Education program and which requirements you must follow, see a Graduation Advisor in Student Services Center roomor call the Graduation Advising at General Education is the part of a college degree that is dedicated to providing these skills and this knowledge base for all students.

You should consult with your counselor to determine which general education program is most appropriate for you. Elective Courses Elective courses are those that count toward total transfer units needed for admission but are not used to fulfill lower division pre-major, general education, or graduation requirements.

Some students in majors that require extensive lower-division prerequisites may not be able to complete all lower-division general education requirements prior to transfer.General Education courses must be selected from an approved list. Students should refer to the latest University online Class Schedule and Registration Guide for the most up-to-date list of approved General Education courses.

The General Education Program at CSU-Global provides undergraduate students with the necessary curriculum for state general education requirements in writing and communications, mathematics, arts and humanities, history, social and behavioral sciences, and natural and physical sciences. Coursework offers a robust introduction to a variety.

What is the California State University (CSU) General Education Breadth (GE-Breadth)? The CSU GE Breadth lists the coursework that allows students to fulfill 39 units of lower division such as ENGINEERING may find that the full CSU General Education pattern is not required and.

General Education Requirements General Education (GE) is a portion of your college curriculum which allows you to explore a variety of academic disciplines in addition to your major coursework. GE will help you to see your major's place in your total education by showing you that. The links below provide further information on the importance of General Education, as well as information on requirements and approved courses.

General Education Students who began continuous enrollment in Fall or later at a California Community College or other California State University must follow this pattern. Minimum of 30 semester units of approved General Education coursework The "Golden Four" requirements (completed with a C- or higher grade): ­ Oral Communication (CSU .

Csu approved general education coursework
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