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I myself have seen more shades of snow then I could possibly count. I see a dark intense blue when I feel anger, hurt and exhaustion from my friends and family and a bright, blinding blue when the fateful moment of two towers falling on the television screen, huddled, frightened people pray as debris of a million families in New York flutter or crash to the earth.

Perhaps it will never need to be.

I measure moments like these through Fear, the color Ebony. Interestingly, colours can sway thinking, change actions, and cause reactions. It shows the atmosphere of the picture without you actually being there to witness it. Perhaps we simply lack the language to describe our decisions, perhaps there is an internal scale we use but have yet to realize and put down in writing.

For example, a colour above the dreamer, like in the sky, indicates something the dreamer needs to strive for.

Can the object in the world that comes in that color, define a color? For some people, it is measured by the accomplishments made in life, their life on an endless ladder to total power or control of their life and each day, month and year is just another rung in that ladder. A few searches on the web brought me to some color name dictionaries that I thought might be helpful.

The color yellow is used during moment of uncertainty, such as the yellow curtains and the yellow caravans and even the "yellow insolence. The light sources change and the colours with them. Even a light grey hue is better than a blue or green. The colours of Elizabethan clothes provided information about the status of the man or woman wearing them.

As a powerful form of communication, colours are irreplaceable.

Short Essay for kids on The World of Colours

This might be something that I would be comfortable doing as a career. Yellow connotes royalty, prosperity and luck. The character in the dream who wears the colour and the position of the colour relative to the dreamer are important in interpreting the meaning of the colour.

I feel a quivering light blue when I see Life being wasted daily by uncaring, sad and scared individuals who think brandishing a gun, a knife and other weapons of hard steel can solve their problems or make them better. I feel Joy every day.

Black is for the loss, and white for their passing onto the heavens. It can irritate or soothe your eyes, raise your blood pressure or suppress your appetite.

All they see is pitch black as they are blind. Joy is a light, sweet Pink that fills your heart and soul up with tickling Pink that either makes you want to laugh, a little gift called a smile across your face or it makes you want to soar with happiness into the clouds and above as far as you can possibly reach.

The males that participated in my project were over 40 years of age. This was not Just dictated by the wealth of the person, it also reflected their social standing. Next, I can be very organized when it comes to being at my desk, being in control or where things are is a must.

Orange represents enthusiasm, happiness and success. To get a feast of colours we should go to a well-kept park. In a picture, colours capture the mood of the moment. Orange combines the energy of red and the happiness of yellow.

And that is what I measure my life by, the colors of Life.

Lastly, I did notice that some of the occupations were a little extreme because it shows that I would be great working in the areas of Mechanical, Electrical, Construction, Manufacturing, Security and Warehouse types of careers.

However, the participants did seem to have a point. As Stephen uses color to help him interpret many situations, a reference to the "no colored eyes" of the priest recalls desperate moments for Stephen and expresses his sadness. We would usually go for the brighter and more colourful design as it looks more appealing and interesting to us.

However, lets say I told you there are shades of yellow.Gemstone Shave colours and it is a fact that colour play an important part in our lives. They affect our health, moods, our living style, happiness. The foremost need is to find out what colour suits a person according to this his/her chart.

And once that has been known, one can chose the colour of. There are many colors in our world. Think of how bland and unexciting it would be without color.

Colors light up our surroundings, and inspire us to be creative. Colours for living and learning The Universe is a magnetic field of positive and negative charges, constantly vibrating and producing electro-magnetic waves.

Each of these has a different wavelength and speed of vibration; together they form the electro-magnetic sphere. White light when seen through a prism or water vapour splits into the colours.

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Colour symbolism is used to convey a deeper message to the readers and help us understand the characters true colours. Life would have been terribly drab if colours did not exist. I cannot imagine a world where there was a total absence of colour. It is enough for us to look at the dawn after the darkness of night to know the difference/5(13).

Colours essay
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