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Applying the elements to the information provided, an assessment of abnormality is determined. The social relationships that he has are considered in the definition as conflicts between an individual and society that have a specific clause regarding whether or not the conflict is applicable to a mental disorder diagnosis.

Jim exhibits behaviors thematic in the elements to maladaptiveness, deviancy, violations of societal standards, and causal for the social Case study on jim essay.

Elements of suffering, deviancy, violations of standards of society, social discomfort, and irrationality and unpredictability are directly specified or a reason for inference in assigning a mental disorder is provided. A case example describing a personality, behaviors, and thought processes of an individual named Jim are analyzed to determine abnormal behavior and mental disorder qualifications.

In his specific case, a symptom of dysfunction determines the conflicts applicable. Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders 14th ed.

Abnormal Psychology 14th ed. Indicators such as suffering and irrationality as associated with distress, disability, or increased risk of an important loss of freedom, infer that he has some indicators of mental disorders.

Case Study of Jim Essay Sample

Jim violates many standards of society and causes social discomfort exampled by not marrying, not having or seeking relationships, not having friends, missing social cues, and being brutally honest.

The definition is vague, attempting to separate the term mental disorders from the symptoms indicators of mental disorders.

Jim Poss Case Study Analysis

Irrationality and unpredictability are incorporated as an indicator of mental disorders. The format in classification systems provides a labeling or naming of information, so in mental disorders this system supplies an effect with no cause or detail which could be important to later changes in personality and behavior of an individual.

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Consequences in systematic classification. The introduction later states that this element is presented as both personality features that do not meet the threshold for a personality disorder and defense mechanism used habitually that are allowed in Axis II DSM-IV-TR,p.

The only element missing in the section is maladaptiveness, however it proves to be very important to the classification system later in the introductory DSM-IV-TR, Conclusion Abnormal assessments of behavior must take into account situations and reasons for occurring to defer the behavior as abnormal.

Mental disorders are assigned by professionals according to a classification system. Get Access Case Study of Jim Essay Sample Abnormal behavior and determining whether it Case study on jim essay a person with a mental disorder is complex and incorporates many differing perceptions.

The benefits provided by using the DSM-IV-TR is quick referencing in the field of research, professional use, and a format for clinical symptoms and labels aimed at inclusion of their separate or associated disturbances in etiology and biology Butcher et.

Determining Abnormal Behavior The case example of Jim is a summary of background information of a male named Jim to analyze how factoring the primary elements of abnormal behavior and the definition given by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders fourth edition, to separate from, and then together, prove the complexity in determining the behavior of a person as abnormal and whether or not it would qualify them for a mental disorder.

Through the case example of Jim, the primary elements are used to determine the abnormality of his behavior, which elements are incorporated in the DSM-IV-TR definition of disorders, and determining if Jim qualifies for a clinical mental disorder.

Perceptions of Classification System Classification systems are used heavily in research to reduce the amount of information for use of shorthand form. It is a systematic way of structuring and labeling information Butcher et.

Deviance is qualified on his behavior because it is the behavior is statistically rare and undesirable, but with society possibly excusing desirability of his behavior by a lack of consideration or politeness, the maladaptive element determination is taken into account to assess the implications of societal values that are implicated.

More essays like this: No concrete definition is assigned in terming behavior to be abnormal but there are six primary elements recognized.

The debate of whether this is the most sufficient system of assignment continues as some argue against the organizational structure based on the history and detail of an individual in classifying them under a label.

The definition that is summarized in the introductory section that only leaves out the element for maladaptiveness, leaving the misconception that it is unimportant to the DSM-IV-TR determinations and criteria when the opposite is true.

Abnormal behavior has to be determined before a clinical diagnosis of mental disorders is applied. The significance that is given to the element should find a way of formatting into future revisions made of the manual and this section for defining mental disorders.

The element is important enough to earn the distinction of prominence of an axial heading without a disorder.Jim Poss Case Study Analysis The main growth strategy that Jim counted on really was based over the potential upcoming increase in demands for clean and cost cutting energy solutions.

The newspaper reminded him that as energy prices will soar. Jim Poss is the owner of the Seahorse Power Company; a fresh startup specialized in the green energy based on environment friendly methods of power generating.

Case Study on Jim Ashley Lammi PSYCH/ April 8, Naomi Hall-Byers Case Study on Jim Jim is a year-old Caucasian male that shows a sign of depression and possibly Asperger’s, which is a form of Autism but a more high functioning kind. Jim is a year-old Caucasian male that shows a sign of depression and possibly Asperger’s, which is a form of Autism but a more high functioning kind.

Free Essay: Jim Poss Case Study 1. Who is Jim Poss a. Jim Poss demonstrates a strong passion for project even after so many people shot down the idea. His. Case Study of Jim Essay Sample. Abnormal behavior and determining whether it qualifies a person with a mental disorder is complex and incorporates many differing perceptions.

Case study on jim essay
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