Carolina farm business planning

This workshop will present results from funded research and unfunded variety trials with cucumbers, melons, winter squash, and other crops, and share resources for farmers who are interested in initiating their own variety trials or plant breeding and selection projects.

For years, growers have tried to grow truffles with little success, but with persistence, experience, research, enthusiasm, and lots of information sharing, that is changing.

Coronal Energy Invests in Florence, South Carolina, Solar Farm

Learn how to distinguish between the crops likely to succeed and the siren call of too many weird eggplants. The workshop will focus on plant family patterns and what they indicate regarding identification and ethnobotanical application of exotic invasive plants for food, medicine, and beauty.

Soil and Water Conservation Districts and the Natural Resource Conservation Service have resources to support farmers in implementing these practices.

Bigger equipment and guidance put less stress on the operator. Use the preparedness tools, and in case of a disaster, come back and find the links for assistance. The match has been a good one. This session will present highlighted results on production practices, breeding, and economic trends from USDA-funded and OFRF—funded research from the past decade, with a special focus on soil health and organic production.

Farm Succession and Transfer

So how can you survive the learning curve and build a successful farm? Farm Business Entity Formation: This workshop will provide a crash course on the use of biotechnology in crop development and its oversight by the U.

Concentrations of dye in fuel is extremely difficult to remove from the fuel system of a vehicle once introduced. Learn practical solutions, such as managing fiber animal pastures so that they sequester carbon and promote both animal and ecosystem health, silvopasture and other woody pasture systems.

What about growing compost crops and using them to build soil and close the fertility loop?

Help Wanted: How Farmers are Tackling a Labor Shortage

Frank will share his low-tech, low-cost, and low-maintenance inventions, including a refilling waterer, a vending machine feeder, the best nest box, chunnels, and more.

Many agricultural jobs are always going to require a human touch.

Southern Current Expands Solar Farm Portfolio in Darlington County, South Carolina

The program has worked well for the most part. More than half of all farm workers are unauthorized to work in the U.

Beginning Farmer Business Planning, Marketing, and Sheep, Goat & Poultry Resources

You can also offset the cost of livestock feed with custom grain mixes. Mexican workers are finding new opportunities at home or often are restricted by immigration policies.

See the housing agreement that is required for each owner below. Proper estate planning can address the settlement problems that arise because land is not a liquid asset. The conference will feature over 60 sessions presenting practical and innovative information and research for farmers, producers, activists, foodies, educators, and others in the movement for sustainable agriculture.

An emergency exemption allowing customers to source fuel from any provider is in effect from Sept. An estate plan is more than a will.

Pastured Carolina farm business planning Production Tim Holmes, A Greener World In this workshop, best practices for producing consistent, high quality, high-welfare pork — learned through years of experience raising pigs outdoors — will be offered.

Join this session, moderated by the Community Food Strategies team, to hear from a panel of food council members and learn how they are working to create community-centered food systems through policy change and community engagement.

Such honest dialogue facilitates real personal, interpersonal, institutional, and cultural change to combat racism and oppression.

Nazirahk will share his insight on ergonomics and mindfulness related to some of the best tools of the trade and how to use them. Jensen has created a successful, diversified operation, mixing custom farming with his own row crop production. Hear this fascinating story and find out what strategies concerned Carolinians can use to advocate in their communities.

This resource explains what a cooperative is, why one would consider starting one, and the financial and legal aspects of a cooperative.

Internal parasites are one of the major threats to small ruminants and small ruminant producers, and resistance to most dewormers has increased, so parasite control in small ruminants must utilize an integrated and compounded approach.Located off Corrie Farm Road in Florence, Coronal Energy’s new development is expected to come online in the fourth quarter of “The Rankin Solar Center is a special one for Coronal Energy.

It marks Coronal’s first solar project in South Carolina and represents the culmination of a partnership with Florence County that began in NC Growing Together and the North Carolina Rural Center are partnering to develop a monthly webinar series targeted towards small business counselors and other staff who work with food and farm business development around the state.

North Carolina A&T's University Farm is a acre working farm and "the site of research on sustainable agriculture and natural resources conservation, including swine waste research and soil conservation.".

Southern Current, a leading developer in the residential, commercial and utility-scale solar markets, is expanding its solar farm portfolio with new facilities in Darlington County, South Carolina.

Organic Farm Business Planning Page from North Carolina State University features a number of publications and links related to financial planing for organic farmers.

Agricultural Business Planning Templates and Resources is an ATTRA publication most relevant to smaller-scale or alternative agricultural entrepreneurs. We offer health insurance coverage to individuals and businesses through partnerships with some of the top-rated health insurance carriers in South Carolina.

Financial Services We offer estate and retirement planning and banking services are available through Farm Bureau Bank.

Carolina farm business planning
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