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Politically, man, in the opening stanza, is a slave to materialism. It appears Masefield longed, despite the drawbacks, for the glory days of the ruling monarchy. Generally the ship is coming from the Tropics, the Caribbean, the Gulf of Mexicothe West Indies — the major outposts of what would become the largest empire the earth had thus seen, the Spanish Empire.

The speaker responds to a call; he has no choice in the matter. While this material will be distributed to the masses in the form of wages and some services, such as railroads, these masses will arguably be poorer and more dependent on someone else than ever before.

The traditional cargo of Ophirian gold is replaced by an exotic catalog of luxury items from Nineveh or from other places along the route. Instead of just importing goods from other climes to make itself wealthy as Israel and Spain had, Britain was destroying itself—through procuring and processing—in order to make itself rich.

What are the reasons for having an empire, for imperialism? In the second stanza, readers find themselves on a Spanish galleon, a sailing ship used for commerce and warfare. The British empire was so rife with injustice that it deeply divided the people between those who wanted capital spent on more production that would produce more riches, supposedly for more people, and those who wanted some of the wealth immediately diverted to decent wages and working conditions.

It was thought by the upper classes, said J. The loot from the Americas meant unbelievable wealth for Spain: To kill a mockingbird courage essay introduction ponnuthayi bama analysis essay sir anthony mason constitutional law essay fairness and equality essays how do you make a reference list for a research paper great lanka essay cabane dans les bois explication essay research abstracts on value education essay steps to write an argumentative essay quizlet accounting profession essay.

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Equally important, Masefield uses strong metaphors to create a theme of life resembling a sea voyage. For then, even when the very few got richer, the poor did not necessarily get poorer.

Ophir is an ancient country of uncertain location mentioned in the Old Testament. Try to be precise in your answer. The poet alternates stanzas in praise of London with stanzas in praise of the country, but all those in praise of London end with a defect or a deficiency, with a varied refrain in favor of leaving the place.

Write an essay on speech writing and presentation quotes anti essays password the tempest giorgione descriptive essay? The underlying truth, however, is far different. First it is bound not for kings, but for industrialists who will process it and sell it—directly or indirectly—to masses of people forced into cities because they had been formerly dispossessed of land and because they are needed to stoke the furnace of industry.Essay about John Masefield's Cargoes - The apparent talk in “Cargoes” is about ships and their shipments, but is there a deeper meaning.

Do the ships symbolize the riches of the modern, medieval, and contemporary world. These questions can be answered throughout the poem and digested with a deeper meaning. In John Masefield’s poem, “Cargoes,” he believes this statement to be false.

He shows that the working man is more important that than governing leaders.

Analysis Of Cargoes John Masefield

He shows that the working man is more important that than governing leaders. Analysis Of Cargoes John Masefield Jonathan Abrams is the founder, CEO, and Junior Computer Programmer at Socializr, an online service for sharing event and party information with your friends. Jonathan is an award-winning serial entrepreneur who created the pioneering social networking service Friendster in “Cargoes” is a short lyric poem consisting of three five-line stanzas.

In each, Masefield describes a different kind of ship. The first two lines of each stanza describe the ship moving through water; the last three list the different cargoes the ships are carrying.

John Masefield’s long narrative poem fromDauber: a Poem is not only a completely different example of Masefield’s poetic talents, but it is drawn from his only sea voyage—an odyssey that developed into an obsession with ships and poems about ships.

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Analysis of cargoes john masefield essays
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