An analysis of william carlos williams story the use of force

Let go of my hands. But the child will have none of it and "clawed instinctively for my eyes. But I did not allow myself to be hurried or disturbed but speaking quietly and slowly I approached the child again.

The Use of Force Summary

She had fought valiantly to keep me from knowing her secret. The last appeal of the doctor is not to the patient but to himself. First published in in book form, the story is also available in a collection of stories and poems by Williams, concerning physician experiences, in a book compiled and introduced by Robert Coles"The Doctor Stories" New Directions, Their love towards their child was about to cause the death of their child.

I explained the danger but said that I would not insist on a throat examination so long as they would take the responsibility.

This story tells that use of force for benevolent purpose is ethical and justifiable. I forced the heavy silver spoon back of her teeth and down her throat till she gagged.

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Her breaths however were coming faster and faster. Let them go I tell you. So the doctor loves the innocent child but finds her parents contemptible.

The Use of Force – Summary | Major English Class 12

Later he forces the spoon back of her teeth and throat. Perhaps I should have desisted and come back in an hour or more.

The Use of Force Analysis

The characters like in most stories reflect real or plausible issues comparable in real life. He has to convince himself that any discomfort he causes his patient is for her own good, Then the battle began.

Oxford University Press, Such a nice man, put in the mother. Her beauty is an unconscious weapon to tempt the medic while her ignorance shields her from the truth. Others must be protected against her.A formalist critic reading William Carlos Williams's "The Use of Force" might consider how the story begins and ends, contrasting its opening matter-of-fact objective description with its concluding shift of perspective and heightening of language.

"The Use of Force" by William Carlos Williams is a short story written in the first person. The narrator, like Williams himself, is a doctor. He is paying a house call to a family because their. "The Use of Force" by: William Carlos Williams Karina Matancillas,Luz Garcia Jonathan Ruiz, Ivan Diaz My analysis towards the story The Use of Force is that William in somehow describing himself in the story.

He uses the doctor to describe the struggles that he has faced. Perhaps he has had obstacles through out his career in which he has.

(Short Story) The Use of Force by William Carlos Williams (Reaction) Slippery Slope by: Antonio Conejos Rational, caring individuals often have good intentions for everyone. The Use of Force Williams, William Carlos.

Primary Category: Literature the story is also available in a collection of stories William Carlos Williams and the Diagnostics of Culture (New York: Oxford University Press, ). Bremen argues that "The Use of Force" illustrates Williams's insistence on incorporating "occult. "The Use of Force" is a short story by the American author William Carlos Williams.

It was first published in his short story collection Life Along the Passaic River (); it is also available in The Doctor Stories (), a collection of Williams' fiction that is still in short story.

An analysis of william carlos williams story the use of force
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